Exploding like Spiders across the Stars::..

I am Tracy, Also known as: VerityStar. I am a Freeform Writer. Imaginitive artist. Warrior. Singer. Lover. Advocate. Pixie. I love Poetry. Button Collecting. Wondering. Wandering. Vintage stuff. MUSIC (motown to punk; electro to indierock). Iris flowers & Gerbera daisies. Bohemian. Art Deco. Damask Prints. Street art. Funny Vinyl toys. Plush Monsters. Dancing. Thrifting. Crafting. Documentaries. Falling in love. Staying in love. Marilyn Monroe. Burlesque. Body art/Body modification. Sensuality. Psychology. Coconut flavored anything. I'm in my 30's with a child like sense of wonder and imagination and unapologetically so ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'll choose board games over video games. I'll take hand written letters sealed with lipstick kisses & the scent of perfume, over emails. I want to live in a quaint, cottage made of stone with ivy growing up the sides and a little fireplace somewhere reachable when needed but unreachable when wanted.

#planetaryherbals #newzealand #deerantlervelvet #healingproperties #cellrestoration learned it from Hannibal on NBC last year